Our team

Director: Vera Lacková

Vera Lacková is a Romani filmmaker and owner of Media Voice. She is the first Roma owner of a documentary film production company in the Czech Republic. After graduation from high school, she studied media studies in Bratislava at the Paneuropean University and journalism in Brno at the Masaryk University. Her background enables her to bring a unique perspective on the Roma themes. She provides a unique view from the inside on the Roma themes. In addition to commercial production, she has also participated on an international documentary film Because there is a hope;
she also directed a short documentary Alica. How I Became a Partisan is her feature debut.. She is one of the few established Roma filmmakers in Czech media environment.


Director of photography: Petr Racek

Czech DOP. His filmography includes feature-length documentaries – Wolves on the Boarders (dir. Martin Páv), Last generation (dir. Apolena Rychlikova), Vote for Kibera (dir. Martin Páv), Can do better (dir. Robin Kvapil, Radim Procházka) or short documentary Annexation of the West Bank for Voxpot company. 


1st assistant camera: Laco Korbel

Laco Korbel got his bachelor’s degree in Cinematography and film/sound at VŠMU and study program Audiovisual Communications on FMK UTB Zlín. Most often, he is involved in shooting of short documentaries, commercials and video clips. He worked as a TV Camera operator in Czech television and companies such as Eurosport, Reckord, OTSE Broadcasting, JamCopters, Samadhi production. He is also a co-founder and audiovisual supervisor at Media Voice production company.


Zvuk: Klára Jašková

She graduated at Tomas Bata University in Zlín in the field of Sound and Editing. She participates as a sound engineer in the production of documentary cycles and live broadcasts for RTVS and Czech Television. Since 2013, he has been involved in the production of series, films, animated projects and RTVS programs in Slovakia. He collaborates with advertising agencies to produce promotional films and in his free time she is engaged in recording 5.1. sound atmospheres.


Script editor: Jan Gogola

Jan Gogola is a director, dramaturg and publicist; he collaborates with Institute of Documentary Film at Prague and teaches on FAMU. He was a dramaturg in Czech television, head of programme Czech television Brno and teacher at JAMU. He graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Charles University and the Department of Documentary Film at FAMU. As a director and dramaturg, he was awarded by hundreds of domestic and foreign prizes. His filmography includes: Nonstop, Panenka proti zbytku světa, Kateřina Šedá: Jak se dělá mýtus, František svého druhu, Exkurze aneb Historie současnosti, international project Across the Border: České Velenice evropské či Breathless: Mám ráda nudný život. As a dramaturg he cooperated with E. Hníkova, V. Chytilová, P. Kerekes, R. Kirchhoff, V. Klusák, P. Koutecký, J. Krejčík, T. Nvotová, A. Olhou, F. Remunda, R. Sedláček, M. Škop, H. Třeštíková.


Ethnological research: Lucia Piešová

Lucia Piešová finished her master’s degree in ethnology and non-European studies at St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava. She focuses on issues concerning multiculturalism, gender, xenophobia, religion, etc. She has conducted research on euro-denominations in Slovakia and Bohemia with a focus on subcultures and new religious movements. At Media Voice, she worked as a manager, and she is currently working on a research for How I became a partisan, a film about Roma partisans who participated in the war resistance.


Producer: Jan Bodnár

Jan Bodnár obtained his bachelor degree in film studies at Masaryk University in Brno. He worked as a production assistant in Czech television, Nova Tv or on a feature films(Já, Olga Hepnarová). As an external PR manager hecooperated with the independent production company GNOMON film mainly on the Acceptproject. He works at the program department of the Mezipatra International Queer FilmFestival and in the past he cooperated with festivals Ghettofest, Cinema Mundi or OneWorld. Currently he works as a production manager in Media Voice (How I Became a Partisan) and GNOMON Production companies.


Script: Hana Dvořáčková

Hana Dvořáčková studied editing at Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín and at FAMU in Prague. She took part in international workshops such as European Editing Masterclass, Documentary Film Workshop in Leipzig or Documentary Film Workshop in Banská Bystrica.She is the editor of documentaries (Milda and Kalado – IFDF Jihlava 2017), TV series and commercials.

PRODUCER SK – Media Voice
(Vera Lacková, Jan Bodnár)

„Media Voice’s production stands against stereotypical perception of Romanis and discrimination of minorities. We bring forward topics not being featured in media, documentary films or promotional videos. Its founder Vera Lacková believes, that films are able to unite people and foster tolerance. „Media frequently depict Roma world from a rather one-sided perspective. That is why I want to make films about the Roma world, to
perceive it also from the positive side.

Vera Lacková’s first documentary was called Because there is a hope, and she made it under the supervision of American filmmakers. „It was a big inspiration for me. During the filming I decided I want to make films about Roma people.“
Documentary film How I became a partisan, with a subtitle Cinematic resistance against oblivion is her documentary feature debut.

Media voice is a young, yet growing production company. Its videos contain a specific signature and through its work the company tries to prove, that cooperation between different nationalities can be beneficial.


COPRODUCER CZ – Film a Sociologie
(Jarmila Poláková)

The Czech production company Film&Sociologie has been active for 27 years. Film & Sociologie is the producer of the films Olga (DOK Leipzig – Dok International Programme) and Citizen Havel, both awarded Czech Lion for the best Czech documentary films of 2014 and 2008. Citizen Havel was for example shown at the Berlinale Film Festival 2008 and at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. Nomination: PRIX ARTE – European Film Academy Documentary 2008 and LUX‘08 Cinema Prize of the European Parliament.

The main upcoming projects of this production company are Velvet Divorce, portraying the twenty years following the division of former Czechoslovakia into two states. After six years the company in 2018 finished shooting the film Passenger about four young men separated from their families by force at a very tender age and growing up in institutionalized care.